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Quick Climate Break - We'll Be Right Back. Don't Touch That Dial!

August 03, 2022 Tom Raftery Season 1 Episode 83
Climate Confident
Quick Climate Break - We'll Be Right Back. Don't Touch That Dial!
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I'm going on vacation for a couple of weeks, but don't worry I'll be back with loads more episodes, choc full of successful emissions reduction stories shortly.

Listen to this short episode to find out more...

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to the climate 21 podcast. My name is Tom Raftery with SAP. And with me on the show today, I have my special guest. Me. It's me. Because. This special edition of the climate 21 podcast is me. Taking a break. I am. Going on. Vacation for a number of weeks. So, this is just to alert you to that fact. There won't be another episode of this podcast published for a few weeks. The next episode of this podcast will go live on August 24th. And I have some amazing episodes lined up. Starting again from August 24th, I'll be talking to. Uh, Julie lasso about the circular economy on the 24th. After that I'll be talking environmental justice. I'll be talking about. A carbon removal platform in a really interesting episode. Uh, I will be talking to a company about nuclear power, a company. That's doing some really interesting stuff in the nuclear power space. I be talking to a company that's doing some really interesting stuff in the carbon sequestration. A space. I have another episode lined up where we'll be talking about longterm energy storage. And I think you're going to really want to hear that one. It's a fascinating story. And, um, I'm talking to a major climate tech VC company. So those episodes are all coming up, starting again. As I say, when I restart the podcast on the 24th of August. Uh, but between now and then I shall be going on vacation. Taking a well earned rest because I've been going strong with this podcast all year, one episode a week with just a minor break around Easter time. So we've published nearly. Uh, 25, somewhere between 25 and 30 episodes since January of this year, that kind of ballpark. And, you know, what, if you are. Thirsting far. Climate 21 episodes. There's 80 something in the back catalog. This is episode 83. So there's 82 episodes in the back catalog, and I bet you haven't listened to all of them. And there are some really fascinating episodes out there. I mean. Did you listen to the one with Olly Peoples talking about camelina as a way of reducing the carbon footprint of the aviation sector. Fascinating one. And that's just one of the more recent ones. Gordon Donovan talking about. Climate and sustainability as drivers for digital transformation. I had some other really interesting ones as well. Talking with Dan McDougall about storytelling in the climate space. Dan McDougall, if you're not familiar, he's an award winning journalist, a multi award winning journalist. That's a really interesting episode. Talking to Daniel Berger, about China and whether China is a climate hero. Our climate villain. You know, that was a really interesting episode. I talked to Prateek Joshi from a company called Pluto shift about using machine learning, to reduce climate emissions in the physical space. If you haven't heard that that's worth a listen. I talked with grist journalist, Kate Yoder about climate anxiety. I talked to John Cooley from Nanoramic Laboratories about significantly reducing the carbon footprint of lithium ion batteries. I talked to two food companies. One of them Rebellyous Foods who are making a chicken substitute. Based on plant protein. And I talked to a company called BettaFish who are making a tuna substitute using algae. So, you know, More many, many more episodes. Those are just the most recent ones, many, many more episodes in the back catalog. If you haven't caught those, now's your chance to go back and listen to them. In the meantime, as I said, I'm taking a break. I'd be doing a bit of hiking. I'll be doing a bit of snorkeling. I'll be doing a bit of. Lots of other things like that. Enjoying myself. But not. Podcasting. Not working just relaxing so that I can come back. On August 24th. With that episode around circular economy. And B. More refreshed far, those upcoming episodes that I mentioned. So that's it. I'm out. Have a great summer in the meantime. Try and get a break yourself and relax and comeback, listening with a refreshed and recharged ear. And here's to hearing lots more successful emissions reduction, stories and strategies right here on the carbon 21 podcast. See you soon.