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Final Climate 21 Episode For 2022 - Thank You, And See You All In 2023!

December 28, 2022 Tom Raftery
Climate Confident
Final Climate 21 Episode For 2022 - Thank You, And See You All In 2023!
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As the title of this episode says, this is the final episode of 2022. 

Compliments of the season to all of you, the listeners, and have a very Happy New Year.

The podcast will be back again in 2023 on January 11th, with lots of great episodes lined up. In the meantime, there are 101 episodes in the back catalog, across all aspects of climate, across all industries, across all technologies, so check this out if you are in need of a positive climate fix!

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Tom Raftery:

Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, wherever you are in the world. This is the climate 21 podcast. The number one podcast, showcasing best practices in climate emission reductions. And I'm your host, Tom Raftery. Don't forget to click follow on this podcast in your podcast app of choice, to be sure you don't miss any episodes. Hi everyone. And welcome to the climate 21 podcast. My name is Tom Raftery, and this is a special. Episode of the podcast. This is. Episode number 102, but that's not why it's special. It's special because it is the final episode of. 2022. So. Christmas is over. If you celebrate Christmas. Uh, it was a couple of days ago. And we're headed into the new year. New year's Eve is in a few days time. So I'm taking a little bit of a break. I wouldn't be back again. With the next episode on the 11th of January. But in the meantime, Uh, there are 101 episodes in the back catalog. So if you haven't listened to all of them, Now's your chance. If you need to get a fix of some of the climate 21 episodes, as I said, there are 101 episodes in the back catalog. Just this year. 2022. I published 49 episodes of the podcast. So that's not too bad. I think. And I mean, The podcast covered a huge breadth of topics. We had everything from, you know, several long net zero. We had an episode on eco side. Planetary regeneration. Startups. Climate litigation, rainforest deforestation. Climate investing. Methane several on me, thin the circular economy. Energy efficiency. Climate restoration. Plant-based chicken and plant-based fish. Lithium-ion batteries, several episodes on those. Climate anxiety. The aviation sector, the nuclear industry. Carbon removal. The automotive industry. Again, several episodes in that renewables. Finance. Enhanced weathering. Enhanced weathering. When I say announced weathering, I mean, announced weathering as a way of removing carbon from the atmosphere. Claim that investment plans for cities. Climate emissions, accounting. For our small and medium-sized businesses. The concrete industry at a couple of episodes on that. A unique battery solution from a company called rando energy, which is specifically aimed at. Um, Heat. So industry think of industry processes that require large amounts of heat and more, there are lots more there. So, you know, check those out. If you haven't heard all of those, they go back. That's just the ones that were published. The 49 that were published this year. There's another. Uh, 40 or more. So the, the previous year. So. Lots of episodes there and lots more to come and something else I should say. Is that all of these episodes? If you're listening to this podcast in a podcast app. You know, the likes of Spotify are Google podcasts or apple podcasts or overcast, or any of these podcasts apps that are out there. If you're listening on those. The chances are you might not be aware. That I'm published a full transcription. With every episode. It doesn't make it to the apps. That's a shortcoming on the part of the apps. They don't import it. But every episode's transcription is published. On the climate 21 website. The website and all the episodes are there and there's a full transcription available there. With every episode. So if you're interested in getting transcriptions to the episodes, That's where you find them. Now, as I said, I'll be back in January. January 11th. And I already have a bunch of episodes lined up. Far, January and February with organizations like the science-based targets initiative I've to CEO of the science-based targets initiative. Louis MRL. So that that episode will be going live in January, along with other episodes with companies like trade water, trade order is a company that targets. Climate emissions. From other gasses besides CO2. And I'm not just talking about me thing, but also things like H CFCs. So another episode was coming up with a company called E agrinomic, who are in the agriculture space as their name might imply. And. Genesis chief sustainability officer Bridgette McAdoo. So those episodes are coming up in January. Watch out for those Jen ran February. That's rich into February as well. And there's lots more to come after that again. So. Lots in the back catalog. Lots more coming up in January and onwards. And in the meantime, I hope you had a great. Christmas or Hanukkah or whatever you celebrate. And have a fantastic new year celebration. And I've talked to you again. In January. All the best bye for now. Okay, we've come to the end of the show. Thanks everyone for listening. If you'd like to know more about Climate 21, feel free to drop me an email to Tom Raftery at, or connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you like the show, please, don't forget to click follow on it in your podcast application of choice to get new episodes as soon as they're published. Also, please don't forget to rate and review the podcast. It really does help new people to find the show. Thanks, catch you all next time.

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